"Offshore" sculpture by Emmanuel Zurini - Formula 1 Memorabilia

"Offshore" sculpture by Emmanuel Zurini

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Emmanuel Zurini bronze sculpture names "Offshore"

26 cms

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Emmanuel Zurini , with an incredible understanding of line and form, sculpts automobiles, airplanes and boats off-shore, trapping in the material the object of his passion: speed. The love of beauty, has arguably the Zurini. . What book to look, it's essentially the spirit of an automobile, retaining only its elegance and power. Zurini, born in 1942, a schoolboy Prévert: studies short, head to the window he enjoys running, it becomes photographer of great price, published and exhibited. Begins, more than thirty years, with apparent ease, a career happy. In making good in his hands the tools of the stonemason, he pursued an obsessive and relentless pursuit of perfection volumes, drawing diagrams of simplified passionately, holding the rib horizontal lines, patiently sharpening edges, polishing and re-polished surfaces as if to give the material a transparent soul, carefully monitoring the fonts, the gold brick, until a mysterious form, the synthetic expression of a car and a dream of dazzling speed. These cars fluids seek the caress and restore the tactile tenderness of the creative act. Zurini despise the foil, and yet excels in the golden glow of bronze. Simultaneously, he uses the finest materials, the block of marble and granite, technical exercise dangerous. The stone has a meaning, it is charged in office, always the same. With the volume, the veins appear from all angles. The sculptor to harmonize and balance the whole. At maturity, Zurini can undertake all enlargements of the monumental work for which he has the temperament and the breath, the ... jewelry, because his hands have the delicacy of a blacksmith of the goldsmith.