1/3 Ferrari Enzo engine model - Formula 1 Memorabilia

1/3 Ferrari Enzo engine model

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1/3 model of the V12-cylinder Ferrari Enzo engine. Made by Terzo Dalia Italy. Fully functional internal components and gearbox. Made out of Aluminum, steel, carbon. Limited edition.

The Ferrari Enzo engine was produced using the same process: the "casting process". 12 cylinders to V65 °, longitudinally aligned manual gearbox with direct coupling to the engine.

Internal mechanism: 12 cylinders, drive shaft, 12 connecting rods, 12 pistons rotating through the outer pulley in the order of their ignition, variable-volume inlet ducts and telescoping intake system. All 83 components are assembled by hand with 260 screws and 438 holes.

Dimensions Weight 57x39x26 cm, 11,7 kg